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How To Use A Criticism Sandwich

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Watch youth sport coaches from around the country put the principles from Play Positive and Positive Coaching Alliance to work with their athletes.

Coaches want to provide feedback to athletes who feel supported and have the confidence to implement any changes suggested. With this in mind, the “criticism sandwich” helps coaches ensure they remain mostly positive in communicating with players. The bread of the sandwich is positive, and the inside is the critical feedback.

Watch this youth soccer coach use the criticism sandwich with her team. She emphasizes the importance of all pieces of feedback, positive and negative, being truthful and specific. Follow her example at your next practice, and see how well young athletes respond to this approach to feedback.

This video features PCA Trainer Molly Hellerman. A former professional soccer player, Hellerman has coached at the collegiate, youth and club levels across the country and is currently a consultant in the non-profit sector with a specific focus on leadership, strategy and business plans in the youth, sport and education sectors. She continues to play soccer for the Olympic Club's soccer team and sits on their foundation's committee.

Positive Coaching Alliance is proud to have worked with Liberty Mutual Insurance to create this video and other powerful resources.