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How Teammates Can Help When They Suspect Substance Abuse

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Terry Shapiro is a Professional Relations Officer with Origins Behavioral Healthcare (West Palm Beach, Fla.)and a Certified Addiction Counselor with a Master’s Degree in counseling. He played baseball for Winona State University, served as a scout for Major League Baseball teams and led a baseball academy in Colombia.

In this clip, Shapiro explains how a teammate should handle a situation in which they have witnessed substance abuse. He states that there are no bad interventions, and that the worst thing you can do is "choosing to do nothing when you have seen something you are concerned about". In today's athletic society, the initial reaction by someone put in this situation is to "keep their mouth shut", but as we know, this is incredibly harmful. Shapiro explains the best way to handle this situation on a team is to address it with the player, and show your concern. However, if that does not work, then there needs to be intervention someone from a higher authority like a coach.