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How Pro Hockey Player Shane Doan Is A Triple-Impact Competitor®

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A PCA-Phoenix Board Member, Mike Nealy (@mjnealy) is the Executive Director of the Fiesta Bowl, serving Phoenix and its surrounding communities with college football bowl games since 1971. The Fiesta Bowl was part of the Bowl Championship Series for years and is now a part of the College Football Playoff. Before guiding the Fiesta Bowl efforts, Nealy spent 8 years with the Phoenix Coyotes, leading the organization to record breaking sales and operating successes as President and COO of the team.

In this video, Mike Nealy talks about how professional hockey player Shane Doan fits the mold of a Triple Impact Competitor - he focuses on personal mastery, making his teammates better, and making the game better. Doan's continued passion and positivity are obvious examples of how he contributes to the well-being of the game and performance of his teammates beyond his own personal goals. He not only is a fierce competitor on the ice but also is a role model in the community. He is a tough competitor who always wants to win, but he does this with respect for others and ultimately puts his team first no matter what.