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How Parents Can Help Kids Learn Despite A Yelling Coach

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A PCA-Phoenix Board Member, Mike Nealy (@mjnealy) is the Executive Director of the Fiesta Bowl, serving Phoenix and its surrounding communities with college football bowl games since 1971. The Fiesta Bowl was part of the Bowl Championship Series for years and is now a part of the College Football Playoff. Before guiding the Fiesta Bowl efforts, Nealy spent 8 years with the Phoenix Coyotes, leading the organization to record breaking sales and operating successes as President and COO of the team.

In this clip, Nealy describes an experience when his son was berated by a yelling hockey coach. Because Nealy valued the authority of the coach, he thought it was important to not simply dismiss it as a negative moment, but help the kid see through the yelling to the intended lesson of the coach. The yelling method may not work, but in his opinion it is a parents job to turn every moment, good or bad, into a positive learning experience for the kid.