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How To Have a Parent Meeting

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Watch youth sport coaches from around the country put the principles from Play Positive and Positive Coaching Alliance to work with their athletes.

A pre-season meeting with all players' parents helps youth and high school sports coaches get in front of issues that may arise later. The coach in this video introduces himself, his coaching philosophy, ideas on playing time, approach to winning, practice methodology, and other key elements that players' parents will want to understand.

The parent meeting also sets expectations early for the parents so that they have a clear understanding of team culture. Let the parents know that yelling on the sidelines during games won't be tolerated, and that coaches reserve the right to address problem parents if necessary. Parents should be encouraged to ask questions at this time, to help avoid future parent/coach conflict or misunderstandings.

Positive Coaching Alliance is proud to have worked with Liberty Mutual Insurance to create this video and other powerful resources.