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How To Get The Most From Players Without Demeaning Them

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Fran Fraschilla (@franfraschilla) has served as an ESPN basketball analyst since 2003, covering primarily Big 12 and Big East Conference men’s basketball games, NCAA Division I Women’s Basketball Championships, the NBA Draft and FIBA Basketball World Cup. He draws on expertise shaped by 23 years as a college basketball coach, including stints at the University of New Mexico, St. John’s University, and Manhattan College, all of which he led to post-season tournaments.

Here, Fraschilla explains how coaches can get the most out of players, using his own background and experience as example. Fraschilla recalls from early in his coaching career that he "took it out on player" if they did not perform exactly as he expected and then realized, "More often than not, it was my own insecurity as a teacher...I didn't teach something well enough, and that was not the player's fault."

He praises current coaches such as John Beilein (Michigan) and Bob McKillop (Davidson) as great teachers, because they realize that if they are not getting through to players, it is up to them as coaches to find better ways to communicate without berating or attacking players. "You can be demanding, and you can be critical, but you better surround that with a lot of positive comments."