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How to Find the Right Coach and Program

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Melissa Rinehart is the Head Women’s Gymnastics Coach at the University of Denver and coached the team to a 2021 NCAA Big 12 Championship. Rinehart was a gymnast at the University of Florida from 1989-92, going on to coach in 1993 at the University of Florida and then the University of Michigan from 1994-98. Since 1998, Rinehart has been coaching at the University of Denver leading the team to five team appearances at the NCAA National Championships (2019, 2017, 2009, 2008, 2001). In 2019, she was selected as the National Head Coach of the Year and in 2021 led the University of Denver to their first ever Big 12 Conference Championship.

Shelly Goldberg is not only a 3-time NCAA Academic All-American and Former Stanford Gymnast, she is also the current Senior Director at Apple for Mac and iPad Product Design. During her time at Stanford she helped the team to a Pac-10 victory in 2001 with her stability on both the vault and floor events. In 2002, she was selected to the Pac-10 All-Academic First Team. Upon graduation from Stanford in 2005, she worked as a mechanical engineer in Mac Product Design until 2012, rising to her current role of Senior Director for Mac and iPad Product Design

In this video, Melissa and Shelly discuss how to find the right coach and program. Melissa states that by finding out the program's philosophy and what the coaches they hire want to accomplish is a great starting place. Shelly goes on to remind everyone to ask questions regarding the organization to have a better understanding of the life skills they will be providing as well.