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How Curtis Granderson "Flushes" His Mistakes Away

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Curtis Granderson (@cgrand3) is a Positive Coaching Alliance National Advisory Board member. He played college baseball for University of Illinois-Chicago and is a former MLB outfielder. He played for the Detroit Tigers, New York Yankees, New York Mets, Los Angeles Dodgers, Toronto Blue Jays, Milwaukee Brewers, and Miami Marlins. He made the MLB All-Star game 3 times, and is highly recognized for his charitable work with inner-city children. Curtis also won the Marvin Miller Man of the Year award in 2009 for his outstanding performances on and off the field.

In this short video, Curtis Granderson talks about the importance of “flushing” all of your mistakes and errors away. It is important to forget those mistakes because the next play and the next game are ahead. He shares an experience from his college days when his coach brought a miniature toilet around to players who made mistakes so they could flush it away. Once they flushed their mistakes they could move on to the next thing.