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How to Create a Positive Culture

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Pat Fitzgerald is the current Northwestern University Football Coach. Shelly Goldberg is a 3-time NCAA Academic All-American, Former Stanford Gymnast, and the Current Director of Mac Product Design at Apple. Melissa Kutcher-Rinehart is the Head Women's Gymnastics Coach, University of Denver and helped lead the team to a 2021 Big 12 Championship. Sam Peszek is an Olympic Gymnast, Broadcaster & Founder of Beam Queen Bootcamp.

In this video, all four panelists discuss the importance of a positive culture, specifically a positive culture surrounding conditioning. Sam Peszek discusses one way to utilize conditioning in a positive way is to make conditioning into a competition or a "game." Pat Fitzgerald goes on to state the importance of recognizing when your team needs a break from practice or conditioning and using that time to instead do a team bonding activity. Shelly Goldberg then discusses the importance of having your athlete know their "why." Melissa Rinehart concludes by stating that reminding your athletes that they are also building life skills such as resilience and grit is a great way to keep athletes focused and understanding why conditioning has value.