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How Coaches Can Teach Mental Toughness And Emotional Intelligence

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Tod Creneti (@CoachCreneti) is the PCA-Tampa Bay (@PCA_TampaBay) Training Manager. In this position, Tod oversees all things related to Tampa Bay trainers and workshop delivery. He is also the head football coach at St. Stephen's Cathlolic School. Since the early 1990s, Tod has been serving young people and their families as a school administrator, teacher, coach and minister. Tod has worked at the high school level in Virginia, South Carolina and Florida and spent two years at the college level at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.

In this video, Creneti believes that football teaches athletes a certain level of physical toughness and emotional intelligence needed to be successful on and off the field. He challenges his players to handle situations on and off the field with class and character. This brand of football helps to cultivate an identity for these students so that they can “weather the mental and physical storm.”