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How Coaches Can Address Character On Day One

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Dave St. Peter (@TwinsPrez) is the President of the Minnesota Twins of Major League Baseball. He oversees the team’s day-to-day operations, strategic planning and interaction with Major League Baseball. In addition to his role with the team, St. Peter oversees the franchise’s sister company -- Northern Lights Broadcasting – which includes 96.3 KTWN-FM, the Twins flagship radio affiliate commencing in 2013.

In this video, Dave St. Peter shares how he reinforces and incentivizes character and the value it has to the program starting on day one. In order to reinforce character, the Twins incentivize players with the Harmon Killebrew award, which goes to the player that has been most active in giving back to the community. Players are also recognized for doing the right things by fans. By having this initial conversation and being explicit about the value of off field performance and behavior from the beginning, organization's can set the expectation right away that character matters. Dave St. Peter believes this incentive and focus has paid off over time, as he now has a long list of high character players who have just so happened to have succeeded on the field as well.