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How Coaches And Athletes Can Recover When "Choking".

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The concept of "choking" -- essentially a failure to perform athletically due to nervousness -- can best even the most accomplished athlete. This video contains tips for coaches and athletes on how to get over it, featuring Missy Wright -- an assistant professor at California State University - East Bay and a former collegiate tennis player and coach.

A key step is for athletes to remember that part of the reason for choking is caring. Loving your sport so much and having an intense desire to succeed can be viewed as positive traits that can provide the basis for bouncing back from a failure. Coaches also may remind athletes to re-frame the negative choking experience as an indication of some positive underlying traits.

Other key elements to bouncing back includes changing breathing patterns and focusing on fundamentals that often give way as part of the choking process. Rather than eyeing a comeback that may seem insurmountable to a choking athlete, a simple reminder to execute simple building blocks, such as breathing and footwork can pave the way to a return to form.