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How "Bully Parents" Develop

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Randy Nathan (@CoachRandySays) is the President/CEO of Project NextGen and known nationally as an edu-tainer. Coach Randy is the author of “Bullying in Sports: The Injuries We Don’t See” and is a sports bullying expert. He has presented at Fortune 500 companies, school districts, youth sports associations, camps, teams, as well as state and federal government agencies.

In this video, Nathan talks about “bully parents” and their methods of ensuring that their kids will be the most successful. He explains that parents have learned from travel sports that they are consumers who pay money and look for a return on their investment, which is based on their kids’ success and wins. “Bully parents” do everything in their power to make sure their kids are at the top; however a lot of the time their involvement is so overwhelming that the kids’ athletic experience gets ruined.

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