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Hoping To Get Recruited? Be Proactive!

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PCA Trainer Ray Lokar (@CoachLok) has coached a variety of sports for over 25 years at the youth, high school and college levels, including his own children who are currently playing college and youth sports. Lokar has also served as the Head Basketball Coach of the 2002 California Interscholastic Federation Champions and the President of the Southern California Interscholastic Basketball Coaches Association.

In this clip, Lokar advises athletes to be proactive in the recruiting process; you don’t need to wait to be discovered! Parents can help by setting realistic expectations about where their children could possibly play. Athletes can then flip the script by recruiting the schools on their list. Put together an “Athletic Resume” consisting of academic achievements, athletic accomplishments, and video. Coaches cannot afford to miss out on an athlete, so they are likely to look at this material. This can jump start the recruiting process and hopefully create a future in college athletics for your child.

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