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Herm Edwards: Develop The Player

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Herm Edwards was an NFL player for Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams, and Atlanta Falcons. Following his playing career, he spent five seasons as the head coach of the New York Jets and three years coaching the Kansas City Chiefs. Now an ESPN analyst, Edwards has supported PCA through appearances at PCA's National Youth Sports Awards and in online course videos, and as a PCA National Advisory Board Member.

In this video, Herm explains how Tony Dungy -- his mentor and peer in coaching, playing and broadcasting -- helped him realize the importance of developing players as people. "If you make them better men, they will become better football players. They will make good decisions, and they'll do things off the field that relate to how you want to get things done on the field."

Key to this approach is realizing that sport (for professionals) is just an occupation, not a total definition of who they are as people. The same would apply to youth athletes, who have a role in their sports but are much more as people than just "youth athletes."