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Helping Parents Buy In Because Of A Family Atmosphere At Practice

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Frankie Jones, a 2017 Double-Goal Coach® Award Winner, and his late brother co-founded Denver Kings (@denverkingsbb) in his Northeast Denver neighborhood as a means of teaching life skills through basketball. The organization now serves roughly 60 boys and girls from sixth grade into high school, hailing from the city and suburbs as far as a 90-minute drive. Teams comprising players of a wide variety of socio-economic backgrounds play travel ball together in AAU tournaments and several sneaker-company-sponsored circuits.

On April 22, 2017, four national winners of PCA's Double-Goal Coach award—including Frankie Jones—took the stage at the 16th annual National Youth Sports Awards for a winners panel with FOX Sports' Steve Lavin. A Double-Goal Coach strives to win while teaching life lessons to youth in sports.

In this video, Frankie Jones explains how he includes athletes' families in practice. He allows siblings to be doing drills on the side and brings in parents to help out during practices. Jones sometimes even has a parent act as a referee during games. The point of doing things like this is that everyone is involved. For Jones, he no longer needs before or after season meetings because he is having them every day after practice. He always asks families if they have any questions or if there is anything he needs to explain. Jones notices that if the communication is clear, he has fewer questions from parents and less confusion because they understand what is going on. Parents are free to come in and out during practice and everyone in the family gets to work on something.

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