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To Help Players Off The Court, Know Them As People And Stay Available

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Eve Knowles is a 2016 national winner of PCA's Double-Goal Coach® Award Presented by TeamSnap for her work with Don Lugo High School Girls' Volleyball and the Chino (CA) Volleyballerz.

In this clip, Eve considers her role in players' lives beyond the court. She realizes that just being a teenager itself is a challenge between the physical and emotional changes in development taking place. The demographic groups she serves -- lower-income, primarily minorities -- face additional challenges.

One way Eve works in this milieu is by bringing to the table her own experiences and making them relatable to her athletes. She is glad that sports keep kids off the streets and give them a chance to grow and develop if properly coached. She recognizes that she does not have all the answers, but does her best to know her athletes as people and to be available to them in all aspects of life.