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Grit And Resiliency Learned In Sports Lasts For Life

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Trent Redden is the current assistant General Manager of the Los Angeles Clippers. Prior to the Clippers, Redden was a longtime executive for the Cleveland Cavaliers, where he managed the NBA draft prospects and player personnel.

If coaches can help athletes build grit and resilience, Redden, shares, those athletes are set for life. As Redden shares, people have setbacks in both life and basketball, so what better place to learn those lessons then sports. Dealing with setbacks in sports not only improves athletic performance overtime, but coaches should pay particular importance to helping athletes deal with setbacks because that is a skill that is important for them in life, too.

In fact, in his role as a scout, Redden identifies and looks for players who have needed to overcome adversity in life , because that indicates how they might handle adversity in sports.