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A Great Team Is Where The Players Are The Leaders

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John Carroll is a 2016 national winner of PCA's Double-Goal Coach® Award Presented by TeamSnap for his work with Northfield Mount Hermon School Basketball (Gill, MA).

In this video, Carroll recalls the adage that a bad team has no leader, a really good team has a coach as a leader, and great team has players as the leaders. He explains that leadership is one of the key life lessons he hopes to impart to his players, and that goal can help determine who, if anyone, serves as captain.

Carroll recalls as a player that he sometimes had a better sense of on-court reality than did his coaches, and he tries to stay mindful of that in helping and letting his players make decisions. That's part of the reason that he takes pride in his former players serving as basketball captains at Harvard, Dartmouth, Michigan and Vermont.