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George Gervin (The Iceman) On How the Spurs Coaching Team is so Successful

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George Gervin, better known as the Iceman, is a former NBA player and now NBA Hall of Famer. He played with the San Antonio Spurs for the majority of his career, and averaged 26.2 points per game in his 14 NBA/ABA seasons (1972-1986). In 1996 Gervin was named as one of the NBA’s 50 greatest all-time players. Gervin is also most commonly known as the Iceman for his cool presence on the court, and for scoring and playing hard without breaking a sweat.

In this video Gervin speaks about what makes the San Antonio Spurs’ coaching so successful. He explains that the leadership and system put in place by Greg Popovich is what the success stems from. Greg Popovich brings in players that work with his system and gets to know them and builds good relationships with the players in order to know how to coach them to the best of his ability. Gervin also explains how Popovich builds a team environment, where every player plays his role in the puzzle and leaves any selfishness behind when they come on to the court.