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Former Pro Baseball Player: Why Umpires Deserve Respect

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Jake Wald (@Jake_Wald) played collegiate baseball for George Washington University and then went on to have a 9 year pro career. He played at every level of the San Francisco Giants minor league system and finished his career in 2010 with the Arizona Diamondbacks. After briefly coaching college baseball, Jake joined Positive Coaching Alliance and is now the Business Development Manager, overseeing Chapter Expansion.

For Wald, the player-umpire relationship is simple: be respectful. Umpires are often underpaid or volunteers, they deserve player respect because without them, you can't play the game you love.

As players develop into the college and professional level, the relationship they have with umpires may evolve to be a working or professional relationship, but it must always remain respectful. When players reach these levels, they should not be afraid to ask respectful, clarifying questions and engage in a relationship with two equals trying to do their job. Umpires appreciate these questions more than the disrespectful screaming and yelling that they receive far too often.