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Former NFL Player Shares Tips On Overcoming Adversity

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Albert "AJ" Johnson (@AJinsuresME) played 8 years of professional football in the NFL, NFL Europe, and the CFL. AJ played for the Houston Texans, Miami Dolphins and New York Jets and was also a two-time CFL All-star. He is now the Chapter Executive Director for Positive Coaching Alliance in Houston.

Only days before what would have been AJ's first NFL start, he tore his ACL and faced a tough choice- quit or rehab and come back?

AJ decided to work hard and overcome that challenge, even with the odds stacked against him. What did he learn through this experience? Don't treat any situation like you deserve to be there and always work to prove yourself, he advises. Treat your position like a privilege, not a right, and you will have the best chance at overcoming challenges and setbacks.