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Former NBA Player: Find Your Unique Way To Make A Difference

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Mark West (@mwest41) is the Vice President of Player Programs and is also an assistant coach for the Phoenix Suns of the NBA. His roles focus on the business of basketball, player relations and development and community representation. As a player, he competed for 17 seasons in the NBA, six with the Suns, helping them reach the 1993 NBA Finals. He currently ranks third in NBA History in field goal percentage.

To succeed in a sport, you must understand the sport and your ability and role within it, West says. When he was a player, he wasn’t always the best on the court but it was his role to put up the best fight. He may not have been the fastest or strongest but he always had the greatest strive to win. West really embraced this role once his coach showed him how he could make a difference in ways other than natural talent.