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Kelly Kratz (@kellymkratz) is a Positive Coaching Alliance Lead Trainer, administering workshops for coaches, parents, athletes, and leaders since 2009. She brings a wealth of experience to PCA as a former Division-1 field hockey and lacrosse player at St. Joseph's University, former college and high school basketball coach, and high school lacrosse coach. Kelly also has a Master's degree in Guidance & Counseling and is a proud sports parent of four daughters.

As a 1st-time coach, Kratz believed that her players loved her high energy approach in all moments. While it can be very important to have a high energy level, coaches should realize that not all players want a high energy coach and other tactics may be more effective in certain situations. For instance, kids may need high energy at the beginning of practice after a long day in the classroom, but when its time to focus and get more serious coaches may need to change their tone to a more serious one. Overall, Kratz explains that coach energy is important in getting players in the right frame of mind to have fun and work hard.