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Failing One Time Doesn't Make You A Failure

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Tom Herman (@CoachTomHerman) is the Head Football Coach at the University of Texas. Herman previously coached at a plethora of schools, most recently at Ohio State University and University of Houston, before being named Head Coach at Texas in 2016. Herman helped Ohio State win the 2014 National Championship as Offensive Coordinator and in his first head coaching job at Houston, won the 2015 AAC Title.

According to Herman, if a player or coach makes a mistake, it doesn't define who you are if you can recognize that mistake. Players and coaches need to separate mistakes from identity, and use self-talk like "I screwed up" rather than "I am a screw-up." Mistakes are usually due to lack of concentration, lack of knowledge, or lack of repetition, not because someone is always prone to making mistakes. If you can acknowledge the mistake, know why you made the mistake, and take steps necessary to correct the mistake. If athletes continue to make the mistake, that's when it's time to ask their coach why they keep making that mistake and get their advice for how you can be better.

This video was filmed by PCA National Partner USA Football for their Positive Coaching: Communication Online Course.