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Dot Exercise - Unlearning: Breaking Bias, Building Community

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Video by NCCJ - The National Conference for Community and Justice Unlearning: Breaking Bias. Building Community. is a CPTV Partnership Production with the National Conference of Community and Justice. Additional support is provided by the Newman’s Own Foundation, KeyBank, and the Barnes Group Inc. Learn more about Partnership Productions at

Bias is unfair feelings about something or someone that can influence our thoughts, actions and behaviors. We all have bias, and a lot of our biases are unconscious (we’re not even aware of them). Unconscious Bias is "The attitudes or stereotypes that affect our understanding, actions, and decisions in an unconscious manner.” This means we hold unconscious biases, associations, and thoughts about people, places, and things.

This activity shows, in action, how our bias can cause exclusion. It encourages a conversation on how to be inclusive, welcoming to teammates, and not exclude others from the group.