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Doc Rivers On PCA's "Magic Ratio" of Positive Feedback

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Doc Rivers (@DocRivers) is the Head Coach for the Milwaukee Bucks and a PCA National Advisory Board Member. He had a stellar playing career with Marquette University and several NBA teams before moving on to coach the Orlando Magic and then the Celtics, whom he led to the 2008 NBA Championship. Rivers is also a prominent sports parent, most notably as father of Austin Rivers, who played at Duke University before joining the New Orleans Pelicans in 2012.

In this clip, Rivers explains his take on Positive Coaching Alliance's "Magic Ratio" of five specific, truthful praises for every one specific, constructive criticism a coach should offer to athletes. He supports this ratio at the youth level, though admits that at the professional level he leans toward a 3-1 ratio of positive to critical feedback.

Most importantly, he notes that honesty is the best feedback. Whether a coach is praising or correcting a player, it’s important to stay truthful. No matter the age, an athlete will be able to tell when a positive remark isn’t genuine or if a criticism is off base.