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Doc & Austin Rivers On Their Relationship On And Off The Court

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Doc Rivers (@DocRivers) and his son, Austin, are notable as the highest-profile father-son/coach-player combination in recent U.S. sports history. Doc is a PCA National Advisory Board Member and past NBA Champion coach of the Boston Celtics, now coaching the Los Angeles Clippers, where Austin, a former Duke University star, is one of his players.

In this video interview by PCA's Casey Miller, Austin explains how his dad treats him in practice, careful not show favoritism and just as careful not to be extraordinarily hard on him in comparison with how he treats other players. "He made it clear from the jump, if I play well, I play, and if I don't I sit, the same as anyone else."

Austin also observes that outside of the basketball season, if you saw him and Doc together, "you would never know he was my coach." The ability to focus on the task at hand in practice and return to a more normal balance of parent-child relationship away from the sport is key to success for any parents coaching their own kids.