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Doc & Austin Rivers On Their Parent-Player Relationship

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Doc Rivers (@DocRivers) and his son, Austin, are notable as the highest-profile father-son/coach-player combination in recent U.S. sports history. Doc is a PCA National Advisory Board Member and past NBA Champion coach of the Boston Celtics, now coaching the Los Angeles Clippers, where Austin, a former Duke University star, is one of his players.

In this video interview by PCA's Casey Miller, Doc explains that Austin's earliest leanings toward sports were all his own. Austin just enjoyed sports and Doc just let him play and resisted any temptation to coach him when Austin's teams already had a coach.

Austin says his parents "gave me my space, but they were there when I needed them." He recalls too many parents of his teammates on youth teams being too involved, yelling from the sidelines and pressuring their kids to the point where they would quit playing altogether.

Doc explains that kids who see a sport as a wedge between them and their parents are more likely to quit in hopes that removing that wedge will improve their overall relationship.