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Doc & Austin Rivers: Inside A Father-Son/Coach-Player Relationship

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Doc Rivers (@DocRivers) and his son, Austin, are notable as the highest-profile father-son/coach-player combination in recent U.S. sports history. Doc is a PCA National Advisory Board Member and past NBA Champion coach of the Boston Celtics, now coaching the Los Angeles Clippers, where Austin, a former Duke University star, is one of his players.

In this interview of the duo by PCA's Casey Miller, Doc offers this wisdom on how he and Austin handle any issues that may arise due to the dual nature of their relationship as father-son and as coach-player: "If you communicate, you have a better chance than if you don't communicate."

Austin says mutual respect is the key. His dad understands that he is a hard-working player who wants to improve and Austin understands that his father has a deeper knowledge of the sport.

Austin also describes a potential pitfall that a father-son/coach-player relationship may entail. He explains that he "waved off" Doc while being corrected, feeling comfortable at the time in that communication patter with his dad, but realizing later that he may have sent a wrong message to teammates about the appropriateness of waving off advice from their coach.