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Dick Gould: Developing A Young Coach

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Dick Gould (@Dick_Gould), a PCA National Advisory Board member, is the winningest coach in Stanford men's tennis history, taking 17 NCAA titles in his 38 seasons. Under his guidance, former players have excelled with 9 reaching the top 15 in ATP world singles rankings and 50 becoming All-Americans. His former players have also captured 13 grand slam championships and 10 NCAA singles championships.

After many years of coaching, Gould shares in this video that what he enjoys most now is mentoring younger coaches. When young coaches embark on their coaching journey, he says, they often make the mistake of focusing only on winning. Gould embraces the role of teaching them that winning the right way, not just on the scoreboard, is important.

As a Head Coach with years of experience, Gould feels it is his duty to teach young coaches the importance of winning with dignity and class, and does so by emphasizing thoughtfulness and respect between players.