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Dare To Chill? Re-Think Sports Parent Behavior On The Sidelines

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Many sports parents do whatever they think it will take to help their kids succeed. However, as this video points out, the best way for that to happen is counterintuitive: kids enjoy sports more, play longer, and even perform better when their parents relax and let youth sports be their kids’ thing.

Today, some 70% of U.S. children quit sports by age 13, often due to parental pressure. Once those kids quit, they miss out on all the important life lessons and benefits that sports have to offer. So, while this video offers tongue-in-cheek suggestions for how parents can “chill out” it is important that parents “go all in on backing off.”

This video was produced by PCA-Colorado in collaboration with Boulder-based social change agency Fearless Unlimited, thanks to a gift from the Daniels Fund.