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A Common Trait Among Those Who Overcome Adversity: Adhering To Core Values

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Chris Ballard (@SI_ChrisBallard) is a senior writer for Sports Illustrated most known for long-form articles on basketball and his books on the sport, including Hoops Nation and The Art of a Beautiful Game. His coverage of Golden State Warriors Coach and PCA National Advisory Board Member Steve Kerr and many other top players and coaches, along with Chris’ own youth sports coaching experience, uniquely qualify him to explain how best practices of pro sports coaches can translate to youth and high school sports.

Ballard speaks about the similarity he sees among people who have faced adversity—their mental strength driven by their core values. Individuals who have these strong core values know who they are and are comfortable with their inner character, and understand what they believe in. Ballard describes the importance of having those core values, as during challenging setbacks, people can “fall back on” their values and use to get through hard times. He advises to try and explore your own core values, although not knowing who you are is okay.