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College Coaches Are Interested In Team-First Student-Athletes

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Jack Clark, a PCA National Advisory Board Member and member of the U.S. Rugby Hall of Fame, has over 35 years coaching experience and is head coach for the University of California Varsity Rugby (@CalVarsityRugby) team, where he has won 27 combined national collegiate championships with an all-time collegiate coaching record of 614-78-5 (.880) in 15s and 109-14 (.886) in the Olympic Games version of 7s.

In this video, Clark shares that the first thing he looks for in a player is that they are team-oriented, a player whose primary goal is the pursuit of the team's success. It takes a degree of selflessness in order to put the team before oneself, but it is what ultimately leads to the most team success. Clark mentions that he is a ""sucker for people with grit,"" meaning they are comfortable being uncomfortable and willing to sacrifice for the benefit of the team.