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Coaching Advice For Dealing With Social Media

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Wendy Weiss is a 2016 national winner of PCA's Double-Goal Coach® Award Presented by TeamSnap for her work with Caldwell High School Girls Softball in Caldwell, TX.

These days, social media is always at the fingertips of young athletes. Managing that can be quite the task for a coach. As Weiss tell us in this clip, her strategy is to teach kids about the permanence of what is put on the internet, and that they are representatives of the team and program. She makes use of a written policy to help educate the kids on what's appropriate to put on social media. It reminds them "not to put anything out there that you don't want to come back to you."

Weiss also talks about dealing with mishaps when it comes to social media. She knows kids are going to make mistakes and, just like in a game or practice, those are opportunities to learn. It's important to hold kids to a high standard and let them learn to make good choices.