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Coaches Shouldn't Spread The Myth That Specializing Makes You Better

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Christian Lavers (@CLavers1) is the FC Wisconsin Director of Coaching and oversees all club staff and programs. He has helped develop elite players at every level, with players that have gone on to play for US youth national teams, professional teams, and hundreds that have moved on to play collegiate soccer. Lavers is also the President of the ECNL.

In this video, Lavers gives his take on specialization, noting that some kids specialize because all they want to do is play one sport all the time. To Lavers, that isn't a problem, but it IS a problem when coaches and parents tell players that they have to quit other sports to choose one at an early age. To Lavers, it's a myth that kids have to not play other sports to achieve the athletic goals they strive for at young ages. As kids get older, it may be in their benefit to focus on one sport, but when kids are younger they want to experiment, coaches and parents should let them. Any parent or coach that tells a ten, eleven or twelve-year-old player that they need to pick one sport is doing them a huge disservice.