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Coaches Need Parents To Trust Them In Order To Be Effective Coaches

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Jamie Young, a 2017 Double-Goal Coach® Award Winner, coaches football at St. Mary’s School (Medford, OR) (@StMarysMedford). Young focuses on capitalizing on the short time he has to influence players before they leave St. Mary’s, less in terms of winning games than in becoming "strong, confident young men, who make good decisions."

Here, Young stresses the importance of parents understanding what the coaches message is, so they can trust them and support them. As a coach, he understands what a tremendous opportunity and responsibility that coaching is, so he wants parents to understand the lessons the coaches are trying to teach along with trying to win. When all this is done, a community of support forms around the program and leads to more success. He also noted that when it is done effectively, parents tend to be much better at supporting their own kids as well.