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Coaches Need To Be Competent At More Than X's and O's

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Hal Tearse's (@CoachTearse) hockey playing career ended his sophomore year at the University of Minnesota. He began coaching that same year and retired from coaching following the 2013-14 season at Providence Academy in Plymouth, MN. He has been a long time coach and coach educator through the USA Hockey Coach Education Program and an early advocate of PCA.

Tearse explains that quality coaches must be suited to understand the grey areas of whatever game they instruct. Coaches that think they only have to teach fundamental drills and diagram plays for their players to execute lack a holistic understanding of the intricacies of being an excellent coach.

Quality coaches must be open to learning by having a reciprocal relationship with players and other resources around them. They need to develop high-level communication and human relation skills. Tearse hopes that coaches of all levels take the time to become aware of the nuances of the game they coach and how to teach it.