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Clear Athlete Expectations Reduce Coach Frustrations

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Kelly Kratz (@kellymkratz) is a Positive Coaching Alliance Lead Trainer, administering workshops for coaches, parents, athletes, and leaders since 2009. She brings a wealth of experience to PCA as a former Division-1 field hockey and lacrosse player at St. Joseph's University, former college and high school basketball coach, and high school lacrosse coach. Kelly also has a Master's degree in Guidance & Counseling and is a proud sports parent of four daughters.

As a 1st-time coach, Kratz thought the only way to motivate players was with tough consequences and punishments for unmotivated athletes. Through research and experience, she learned that this just leads to more coach frustrations, and that usually, coaches are only frustrated because they haven't communicated expectations clearly. When coaches design practices, set clear examples, and are accountable when athletes aren't motivated to give 100%, they tend to get the most out of their players.