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Claude Julien On Great Athletes

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Claude Julien is the head coach of the NHL's Montreal Canadiens. He was formerly the head coach of the Boston Bruins from 2007-2017. He led the team to the 2011 Stanley Cup and before his departure in 2017 was the longest-tenured head coach in the NHL.

Julien says in this video that skills and skating matter in making up a great athlete, but character matters, too. Players need to know their teammates ""have their backs"" and can trust each other to bail each other out from mistakes.

Part of what Julien looks for is a player who comes into camp in shape, not needing extra work and attention from coaches or teammates. He avoids players who have been in trouble in school or with the law. He also can assess a player's character by getting to know the player's parents and seeing how respectful those relationships are.