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Chris Petersen: Three Values For Coaches To Remember

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Chris Petersen (@CoachPeteUW) became the head football coach at the University of Washington in December of 2013 after molding Boise State University into a national powerhouse, leading them to a 92-12 record over eight seasons. He is the only coach to win the Paul "Bear" Bryant Award twice (2006 and 2009), an award that recognizes leadership, patience, and inspiration both on and off the field.

In this video, Coach Petersen outlines three things that coaches should value and pay attention to when coaching athletes of all ages. Coaches should...

  1. Remember to build self-esteem of the athlete both on and off the field. Not only will this make them happier but they will perform better, too.
  2. Think about how to add value to the athlete's life and help them develop as players and people.
  3. Help athletes to enjoy the journey, the process of competing throughout the ups and downs, with an eye on the joy that originally brought players and coaches all the way into their sports.