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Choosing A Protein Supplement? Look For Clean Labels

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This resource is brought to you by BiPro USA, a proud partner of PCA-Minnesota and a strong advocate in improving the communication and context around proper athlete nutrition. An all-natural whey protein isolate made from milk, BiPro is one of the highest quality proteins available worldwide. It is rich in the amino acid leucine, proven to be the building block of lean muscles, and is trusted by Olympic and Professional Athletes Worldwide.

In this clip, biPro USA Vice President Polly Olson discusses the importance of clean labels that are simple to read and understand when choosing a protein supplement. Pure proteins that young athletes can use will have a label that does not have a lot of ingredients. Olson warns that if the label “reads like a chemistry lab,” it means that the protein could possibly have fillers, bad flavors, caffeine, and other additives that could cause metabolic pathway issues.