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Brad Stevens: Player Performance On The Big Stage

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PCA National Advisory Board Member and Head Coach for the Boston Celtics, Brad Stevens (@BCCoachStevens) is known as a positive coach. Before joining the Celtics, Stevens rose to prominence as the preternaturally calm and cool coach of the Butler University basketball team that he led to consecutive NCAA title game appearances.

Coaches and athletes often believe that approaching a big game is different than other games. Here, Stevens argues that coaches should prepare their players no differently for the big stage than other, smaller games. He explains that if players focus only on doing their job to the best of their ability and keep that a focus, the results take care of themselves.

For some, the big games can be distracting and players may seem star struck at times, but it is important for coaches to help players stay grounded in reality. If coaches help players focus on the process and doing their best rather than the spectacle, their athletes will continue to succeed in the spotlight as well.