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Brad Stevens: 2 Keys To Leadership

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Brad Stevens (@BCCoachStevens), is the President of Basketball Operations for the Boston Celtics (@Celtics) and a PCA National Advisory Board Member. Stevens was the Head Coach of the Celtics until 2021. Stevens is most famous for his calm coaching style and demeanor on the sidelines. He is known for getting the most out of his players and led the Celtics to multiple Eastern Conference Finals appearances as the coach. Before joining the Celtics, Stevens rose to prominence as coach of the Butler University basketball team that he led to consecutive NCAA title game appearances.

Here, Stevens describes the two most important qualities of leadership. No matter how you have earned your leadership role, it is always an honor and responsibility. For Stevens, leaders must lead by serving others and through authenticity:

1) The best leaders lead by serving others. When you truly invest in service, your teammates feel like everything they do has a purpose, no matter if they fail or succeed.

2) The best leaders are authentic. You have been put in a leadership role for a reason so don’t try and be someone you aren’t! Sometimes being yourself may not guarantee ‘winning’ success but maintaining personal integrity is more important.

There are lots of different ways to have success as a leader but if you are yourself and put in all your effort to help other players become the best they can, that is what matters.