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Accountability Now Is A Life Lesson For The Future

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Vaughn Bryant (@VaughnDerrick), formerly Chief Program Officer for the Chicago Park District, is now the Executive Director for The Chicago Literacy Alliance. A former Stanford University football player, Vaughn reached the NFL, played in NFL Europe and then served as one of the league's Player Development Managers. He also serves on the Chapter Board for PCA-Chicago and is a licensed marriage and family therapist.

Here, Vaughn emphasizes the importance of coaches instilling discipline and accountability into their players. Those who make mistakes, commit youthful indiscretions or fall short in school or other responsibilities can and should learn accountability. Understanding from a young age that there are consequences for misbehavior helps prepare youth and high school athletes for their futures, when there is more at stake personally and professionally than just playing time or scoreboard results. Coddling them is only "hamstringing them for later life." For example, If players need to sit out of games as discipline, that is more important than pursuing a win by letting them play.