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4 Qualities That Lead To Success Playing In College

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Capital Lacrosse Club's Director of Lacrosse, Denise Wescott is the driving force behind the club’s player development, team development and college recruitment efforts. She has over 30 years of Division I college coaching experience and was a four-year starting goalkeeper and captain at the University of Maryland in Field Hockey and Lacrosse.

Here, Wescott outlines four qualities that will help a student-athlete be successful at the next level:

  1. Love the process -- Playing in college is a big commitment and loving the sport you play helps keep you motivated.
  2. Strong work ethic -- Success takes hard work, and competitive collegiate athletes have to work hard to continually get better.
  3. Self-Motivated -- You can't always rely on your coaches and teammates for the motivation to get through the hard times. The ability to motivate yourself is crucial for athletes wanting to play in college.
  4. Integrity -- a team is a community, and successful collegiate athletes are responsible, respectful, and take care of each other.