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3 Ways Coaches Can Create A Caring Climate

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PCA National Advisory Board Member Mary Fry (@MaryFry10) is a professor in the Department of Health, Sport and Exercise Science at the University of Kansas. She also is the Director of the KU Sport and Exercise Psychology Lab and oversees the graduate program in the area.

Fry researches the benefits of a "Caring Climate," that is an environment created by a coach to make athletes as comfortable as possible so they can perform at their best. In this video, Fry shares 3 concrete ways coaches can create this caring climate:

  1. Talk to athletes about the team they want to have and plant the seed for a caring culture. Ask the kids, "What would it mean to really care for each other? Not just when things are going well, but every day?"
  2. Make a connection with all the athletes so they know the coaches care about them as an individual and as someone who does more than play a sport.
  3. Play a critical role in athletes supporting each other by pointing it out and providing opportunity for that support.