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3 Crucial Lessons Taught Through Football

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Steve Mariucci (nicknamed "Mooch") (@SteveMariucci) is an American sportscaster primarily for NFL Network. Before that, he was head coach of two different NFL teams, the San Francisco 49ers and the Detroit Lions. Mariucci also coached collegiately for the University of California Golden Bears.

In this video, provided through PCA's national partnership with USA Football, Mariucci talks about how ""Football is the greatest sport."" He believes this because football is unique in that it is a team sport. It teaches players how to be a good teammate, how to hold yourself and your teammates accountable, and acceptance of diversity among players who are different from yourself. Mariucci also believes that football teaches confidence and improves self-esteem because by sacrificing other activities to practice football is an accomplishment that is rewarded in the end.