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The #1 Attribute Leaders Look For In Players: Be A Giver

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Nelson Rodriguez is the General Manager of the Chicago Fire (@ChicagoFire) of the MLS. Rodriguez began his tenure as Fire GM in 2015. As GM, Rodriguez is responsible for the club's sporting operations, including technical staff management, scouting, player personnel, player development systems, and the Chicago Fire Academy. Prior to his role with the Fire, Rodriguez worked for both US Soccer and the MLS.

In this video, Rodriguez shares that the first thing he looks for in players in his role as GM is who that player is as a person. In other words, Rodriguez advises leaders and coaches to look at the character of a person rather than the characteristics of a player. The #1 character attribute that Rodriguez seeks in players is that they be givers, looking to serve others before themselves. In his eyes, players must look to contribute to the greater good.

PCA-Chicago has partnered with the Chicago Fire Academy to provide Triple-Impact Competitor and Second-Goal Parent workshops to its student-athletes and parents as part of their ongoing, off-field training initiative.