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Zepp Baseball Training Center Analyzes Swing Via Video And App

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For veteran baseball players looking to up their game, Zepp brings this online resource, including video tutorials that cover everything from bat speed to attack angle to time-to-impact and more!

Zepp provides a platform for baseball players, comprising a motion sensor and mobile app that help analyze your swing. While the full platform requires the purchase of a motion sensor, the app and training tools are free! You can download the app today to:

  • Watch swing videos of pro's who endorse Zepp
  • Analyze pro swing data
  • Record your swing video
  • Compare pro swings in 3D and video
  • Access training and pro analysis videos
  • Compare your swing video to the pros.

Click the link below to access the Zepp Baseball Training Center and start working on your swing today!

This resource stems from a Positive Coaching Alliance Trusted Resource - Zepp - whose motion sensors and mobile apps help analyze a baseball, softball, tennis or golf swing.

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  • URL: http://mypca.me/1CVeyVO
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